the COOP
New Plays and Old Plays New

Vision & Mission



The COOP was conceived out of the desire to create a community of NYC-based artists who are interested in making extraordinary theatre and committed to fostering a culture of collaboration, experimentation, and trust. 

We produce both new plays that resonate with timeless themes and universal truths, and old plays reinvigorated through a new lens. We might try our hand at a musical, dance piece, puppet show, or opera.

we are committed to:

We are a community that celebrates and affirms all of its members. Abuse, coercion, and harassment– in any of their forms– are unacceptable. We fully commit to the principles of Not In Our House, and to the ethical production of art.

We are committed to creating work that is radically and actively inclusive, on and offstage. Many voices and perspectives make the art richer. 

We are committed to deep collaboration. There are no auteurs here, only ensembles of artists and audiences. Everyone speaks with authority.

We are committed to curiosity, to experimentation, and to asking questions without knowing the answers.

We are dedicated to the pursuit of great performances. We are dedicated to the pursuit of great design. We are dedicated to effective and efficient administration. We are dedicated to the pursuit of powerful and moving total theatre experiences.